Ka You Communications

Ka You Communications is a mission-focused satellite services company providing reliable, cost-effective transmission solutions to commercial broadcasters, ministries, universities and government. We share our clients’ commitment to service and purpose, and work personally with them to design and implement the best satellite system for their needs.

With years of experience and access to a broad array of technologies, we can meet and support all of your audio, video and data transmission requirements.

Honesty, personal service, shared mission and good stewardship make Ka You Communications a top choice for transmitting your message.

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Is Satellite Part of the Multi Site Journey, or the Destination?

Typically, churches that contact us about exploring satellite as a delivery option for their multi site campuses have previously tried multiple delivery options yet – for one reason or another – have been dissatisfied with the results.
I just read a very informative blog by Pastor Jim Elgi, where he walks through the process of effectively integrating the message across his own Vineyard Church of Central Illinois’ multi site campuses….Read More.