First Campus / Church Merger

With over 8,000 multi-site churches (one church with two or more locations) in the U.S., multi-site is the new normal. The reasons for choosing a multi-site model may vary, but ultimately your first step toward “one church, multiple locations” begins with that first off-site campus.

Whether it’s a merger of two churches or an expansion of a single church to a nearby location, Ka You Communications has developed a versatile transmission strategy. First Step is a terrestrial solution with a cost-conscious entry point that can expand to a satellite delivery transmission when your ministry is ready to take that next step.

At Ka You, we are firm believers that the method of transmission for your Sunday morning service should NOT limit—or inhibit—future growth. That’s why First Step is perfect for a growing church that has just merged with another, or a church that’s new to the multi-site model and isn’t sure when—or even if—they will expand to more than a few campuses.

First Step gives churches starting the multi-site journey the best possible Internet solution at a very affordable price. It uses adaptive technology that automatically adjusts and compensates for bandwidth congestion. And when your ministry is ready to take that next step—ready for the reliability and ease of use gained through satellite—First Step’s encoders and decoders will have the capability to provide satellite delivery transmission.

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